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Revere is a trio (brother, sister and cousin) that originated in 2011. Their music style is a fusion of RnB and Gospel. Petaia (lead vocalist) and Tatupu Fata (group leader) are siblings hailing originally from Whanganui. Their first cousin Seidah Tuaoi (vocalist) is orginally from Wellington. Both families moved to Auckland, where they were able to hone on their musical abilities and help grow their family church ministry.  The band name Revere was taken from the word Reverence which means Worship which is a direct reference to their Faith and their Grandparents Christian legacy.


Revere is a three member music group based in Auckland. "Don't fight it" and "Set Apart" were two singles released by Revere in 2015. In 2016 and 2017, they were nominated as a finalist in the gospel category at the Vodafone Pacific Music Awards. Following this, they released "Groove Thing" produced together with their band members whom are also producers and sound engineers from Studio One Seven Six. Early 2018, they released "Summer Life" as their new leading single from their new self-titled album. REVERE will be released mid-year 2018. Revere hope to travel and tour New Zealand with the release of their new album. 

Seidah Tuaoi is the eldest cousin and has a Bachelor and Honors Degree in Dance from The University of Auckland and a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching. She is currently teaching dance at Mcauley High School in Otahuhu. Tatupu Fata completed her Bachelor Degree in Music at The University of Auckland, majoring in Musicology. Tatupu is a musician and the leader of Revere and has been an accomplished drummer at an early age of 7! She is currently teaching music in primary schools within Auckland. Petaia Fata is the youngest member of Revere and received a full scholarship to study performing arts at The Manukau Institution of Technology. He also plays in a band called The Jam Unit alongside his sister Tatupu and friend Craig Cartwright. Petaia has had an obsession with Michael Jackson since a young age and he is the lead vocalist for Revere.

Revere's own sound is a fusion of their gospel roots and is influenced by RnB/Soul & Hip Hop music.



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